Please Stand By... We Are Moving


Yes, that's right, after 20 years in Oakland, we are moving on to greener pastures. We will miss the Bay Area tremendously, but we're also really excited for a new chapter. With new Found Paper Journals soon to arrive, we've got lots to share in the coming months. Stay Tuned! All of our products are in transit, so any orders placed after March 25th will be shipped April 6th. Thanks for your patience! Also, in other, more tragic news: Our friends at 1984 Printing have been severely hampered by a fire that engulfed an adjacent building and their own, and put many people out of their homes. If you want to help out with the relief of the entire community over there they have a GoFundMe campaign going now, and 924 Gilman will be hosting a benefit show in May. Please do consider contributing a little something. No one at 1984 was harmed, but they sustained damage to much of their production equipment. Our sincerest condolences to the families of the two gentlemen who perished in the fire.

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