Kraft Brown Found Paper Memo Books. Limited Supply Equals Fun Projects

We've got a small stack of Found Paper Memo Bookskraft with plain, kraft brown covers, so I have been enjoying doing some fun linoleum block printing on some of them. 

First, I cut a simple, geometric diamond shape on a (warmed up) linoleum block.

cutting out a shape on a linoleum block

Make sure you cut away any space that you don't want to have ink:

linoleum block ready for printing

Roll out your ink evenly on a smooth surface (I use my glass palette). I'm enjoying blending two inks to get a gradient effect:

Rolling out the inks with a brayer

... And many tries later...

... some of the final results!

A harlequin-like diamond pattern, each in a different color. Super fun, huh?

Hand Printed Found Paper Memo Books

I hope you like them, and if so you can get yours here. Available until they run out.