Knitting for Munich

Thanks to, I recently found out about a grassroots campaign, led by knitters, which will get warm hand-knitted gear to Syrian Refugees who are currently in Germany seeking asylum. Many of these refugees have little more than the clothing they arrived in, and will likely be residing in tents for the months to come. With the coming winter they will need warm winter clothing. And this, knitters, is where we can make a difference.

Here's how it goes:
The Front Line: Andrea (Rav Id Lakshmi07) is a doctor working at a public health clinic just outside of Munich, Germany. She sees dozens of Asylum Seekers on a regular basis and will be able to directly get them warm gear.

Shipping Hubs:
Jennifer (Rav ID Hilljs) is in Ontario Canada, and will accepting gear, as will Laura Nelkin in NYC. Laura has posted ALL of the information on her blog and also has a thread dedicated to it in her Ravelry Group.

What are we doing to help? 

We here in Portland, Oregon are working to gather up as much as we can to ship to Laura in NYC, who will then send a shipment to Germany on October 20th. And, thanks to Happy Knits (on Hawthorne) we have a centrally located drop-off point.

That means, for us Portlanders, we have to get our stuff to Happy Knits by October 14th.

Items needed:

  • Hats
  • Scarves and Cowls
  • Mittens
  • Socks
  • Children's Sweaters
  • Sizes are any and all, but the majority of people are young adult men
  • Items should be warm, and should be washable

14 days and counting... WHO'S IN?

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  • rowan morrison books

    Hi Ger!
    Awesome that you are making Persimmon! About sizing, mine came out looking pretty small, but after blocking is the correct size. If you’re head measures around 20-22" circumference it should fit. Can’t wait to see you FO! And, oh yeah, if you decide you want to frog it, the yarn will be just fine. I’ve frogged a million-bajillion projects, and the yarn has always been reusable.

  • Ger

    HiI just completed your partetn drips, which i really love the look of especially all of the different colors on ravelry. I was really excited bc I had the exact same blue sky alpaca yarn (in different colors) that I was DYING to make a color work hat out of. after finishing up though, it is FAAAR too small. Does blocking really make that much of a difference? I really don’t want to remake the hat, but I’m at a loss Is there any advice you can give me? if i block it and its still too small will the yarn be ruined? will i be able to take it apart and reuse?Juls

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