What's happening this week

A quick update on what's going on here this week. The #knittersformunich Portland Collection Hub was a success, and thanks to the fine folks at Happy Knits and their amazing clientele, we gathered up, oh, about 35-40 knitted garments – all created in just these past two weeks! One knitter, Jane (I think) knitted TWENTY hats! Now that's commitment!

Anyway, the goods have been shipped off to Laura Nelkin in Upstate New York, who will then ship everything that's come to her from all over to Andrea in Germany, who will then personally distribute the warm gear to those who are most in need - the Syrian Refugees.

Here's our contribution:

Also, be sure to check out all the great #knittingformunich projects popping up on Ravelry.

In production news, I am creating a fun batch of linecons for the knitting-slash-web design geeks of the world. If you aren't already familiar Linecon is vernacular for Line-Icon, and relates specifically to flat-inspired web design, which often employs a lot of pictorial directions, glyphs and symbols. These symbols use your standard vector art and convert it into a bit of code. The code is used in the .css stylings of websites, which creates a cleaner, neater way to present these tiny pictures. But, there aren't a lot of fiber arts-centric vector icons out there (that I could find through my admittedly limited hunting), so after playing around with my own icon styling, I decided it would be a fun project. See that Ravelry symbol at the bottom left of the page? It's been converted to an icon, allowing me to put it there, leave it, and when I want to change the look of those social buttons, I just make a change to one portion of my stylesheet. Icons make it really convenient.

So anyway, more importantly... stay tuned for what I hope to be a very fun vector icon pack –  all dedicated to knitting and other fiber arts. Here's a little preview:

Knitting icon pack by Narangkar Glover ©rowan morrison books

ALSO, we're gonna have some nifty promo notebooks inspired by my linecon designs. Super fun, can't wait to show you!