Icons Notepad

Just added to the webshop: Icons Notepads, $3 each.

These 4 x 5.5" notepads feature some of the knitting glyphs that I have been designing and creating as vector art with Adobe Illustrator. Super fun!

I think I'm drawn to this project because I love that our digital interfaces are increasingly pictorial. But knitting websites are so geared to a purpose and community, there's nothing generic out there to suit our specific needs – language-wise and communications-wise I mean. We need updated glyphs and icons to better reflect the functions of a knitting or fiber website. So, in due time, in due time. I'm working on it... So far I've got about 20 icons completed, and I'm working toward something around 40.

Meanwhile, you can relish in the fun, simplistic design of the Icons Notepads. Just $3 bucks each... or, if you put in a large enough order, I might just sneak a freebie your way.