Knitters Graph Paper Journals make great workshop or retreat swag!

Knitters Graph Paper Journal as gift bag swag? Don't mind if I do.

Lately we've had a few larger companies purchase our KGPJs in bulk for just this reason. I so hope the recipients are happy and that they are inspired to sketch, draw, design and create. Because, really, that's what the KGPJ is all about - getting used to visualizing your own garments and designs and creating them from scratch. And even if they're not exclusively used for entirely original designs from the ground-up, they're great as a visual tool.

Here, the folks at Craftsy have cleverly added their own logo (in matching red no less) to give out to their instructors as Thank You gifts. And just this past fall the great Amy Herzog Designs gave KGPJs to each enrollee at the Make Wear Love retreat in Maine. So cool!

Anyway, if you're thinking about swag, and thinking "gee, knitting stationery would be really sweet", just send me an email with a little information about your company, or class, or workshop, or retreat, and we'll get talking! I'd love to brainstorm with you about the possibilities... maybe some custom Icons Notepads? Maybe a custom design? 

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