Sketchbook Stories: New Years.

It's a new year, and we're hatching some new resolutions to go with it, too. I have been thinking about improving my blogging here on the RoMo website. I tend to get writer's block really easily, so it might help if I come up with a few different topics that are fun (and light), like knitting, sketching, art books, stationery, and stuff like that.

btw...this is already starting to feel like one of those 'zines that always starts off with an apology about why it's so late...

Anyway... my new sketchbook is really cool. I bought it at Crown Point Press, and the inside pages are heavy watercolor paper, but it's not so precious that I'll worry about making every page a 'keeper'. The cover is made from the rejected prints from their various print series'. Mine has a piece from Swedish artist Karin Mamma Andersson, who is a personal favorite of mine. Wonderful painter, check her out if you get the chance.

If you're thinking about starting the new year off with a new journal or sketchbook, check out the few remaining binder board sketchbooks we have in stock.