Penguins: A Knit Collection by Anna Maltz

$ 27.20

Love Penguins? Love Knitting? Yes to both?

PENGUINS: A Knit Collection features 12 knitting patterns created and designed by Anna Maltz, the Sweaterspotter. Using penguins as the inspiration, the patterns, range from quick n' fun mittens to engaging and thought-provoking garments, often reminding us knitters what knitting is capable of: anything and everything.

Anna Maltz is one of the knitting community's brightest and funnest people. When she asked Narangkar to contribute some illustrations for the project, N didn't hesitate to jump in. You'll find a smattering of penguin watercolors throughout the book and on the end-papers, which Anna designed to be like classic knitting books. Over a dozen people from all over the globe participated in some way or another to help Anna put this together. To us, that's something very special.

Book Details:

  • A4 Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
  • 78 Full Color Pages
  • 12 Knitting Patterns with complete instructions and beautiful photographs and hand-drawn schematics that clearly demonstrate pattern details
  • Illustrations by Narangkar Glover

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