Rowan Morrison Books is a Micro-Publisher based in Portland, Oregon and is owned by artists Pete and Narangkar Glover. Our books and paper goods products are produced locally, in the USA, and in smaller sized runs. We believe this reduces the carbon footprint involved in shipping & freight, as well as doing our best to ensure an exploit-free labor force and other negative environmental impacts from overseas production.

Since the early 2000's Pete Glover has been a non-profit manager in the small but emerging field of Creative Re-use, working to help divert consumer detritus from our landfills, and providing economical access to art materials and supplies. Narangkar Glover has been self employed for about fifteen years, and has worked in Arts Education, Fine Arts, Design, Illustration and Print-Production. Yes, she wears a lot of hats. Still, Narangkar maintains a deep connection to the core principles of the Creative Arts, and works hard to reflect this in the products we make here.