Note to shoppers outside of the United States: jump ahead to our entire list of international retailers. You may be able to save on shipping.

The following U.S. shops consistently carry our products

Purl Soho
New York, NY

The Knitting Bee
Portland, OR

Fringe Supply Co.
Nashville, TN

Tolt Yarn and Wool
Carnation, WA

The Net Loft
Cordova, AK


Noble Knits
Exton, PA

The Black Squirrel
Berkeley, CA

Monarch Knitting
Pacific Grove, CA

The Knitting Tree
Los Angeles, CA

Brooklyn General Store
Brooklyn, NY 



International Stockists:

You can save on shipping by buying directly from a retailer closest to you. Inquire with them to see if they have what you're looking for, or visit their websites to see if they sell online.

 Europe + UK

Lisbon, Portugal

Lankakauppa Kerä

Loisevethe Salon de The
La Bien Aimée
Paris, France

Litla prjónabúðin
Reykjavík, Iceland

Stockholm, Sweden

Under valnötsträdet
Visby, Sweden

Anna & Juan
Zurich, Switzerland

Wild n' Wooly
London, UK

Ida's House
Surrey, UK


Sunspun Fine Yarns
Canterbury, Victoria



The Fibre Nook
Edmonton, AB