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Who we are…

Pete Glover and Narangkar Glover are the artist team behind Rowan Morrison. 

We have a DIY ethos and are passionate for grassroots projects: prints, zines, and the creation of ‘micro-publishing’ runs. Our respect for the core principles of the creative arts, our values are reflected in all of our projects and products we make.

While many look to ‘go big’, we aim to keep it small and independent. All of our books and paper goods products have been produced in small runs and are printed & bound locally. Not only does that reduce the environmental footprint involved in production, storage, shipping & freight, it means we are at lest trying our best to ensure an exploit-free labor force and other harmful impacts of mass production.

our work:

Paper Goods

Journals, Memo Books, Cards & Stationery

Artist Books

Between 2006 – 2011 we helped design and publish books for some of our artist friends

Book Illustration

Watercolor illustrations for “Penguin: A Knit Collection” by London-based artist and knitwear designer Anna Maltz


Series of commissioned Lopapeysa drawings for Tolt Yarn & Wool


Watercolor artwork for the editorial feature, “A Stripe Beyond”  in PomPom Quarterly Summer 2018

Art Shows

Between 2006 – 2011 we hosted over 40 artists at our gallery space

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