Here is a complete list of (mostly) solo shows that were held at our Oakland space between 2006 and 2011. Located right next to our studio space, the gallery space was a really fun project, and it gave us invaluable insight into how one could conduct a commercial art space with a community-driven, grassroots approach, and still allow the freedom to express. Each and every show was such a privilege to assist with. Some of the shows here were the artist’s first-ever solo show, and we have since seen many of these artists expand their range and practice toward doing really remarkable things.

Joi Tillman
Fresh Air

March 2006

Michele Ramirez

Paintings From Exile
May 2006

Jen Siska
Dear To Me

August 2006

Sean Boyles


October 2006

Pete Glover
Junk Pirate

March 2006

Ezra Li Eismont

We Are Magic
January 2007

Julia Shirar
New Paintings

March 2007

Carl Auge

Between You and Me

June 2007

Brian Caraway
This is Not Mt. Tamalpais

July 2007

Constanza Blondet

New Paintings
September 2007

Narangkar Glover & Ako Castuera

Paint By Needle

November 2007

RoMoLoCo Group Show
Holiday Group Show 
December 2007

Mitsy Ávila Ovalles
Woolgathering: Aguafiestas
January 2008

Christopher Russell
Part of Everything
March 2008

Michelle Huber
I Know How You Feel Outside
April 2008

Adam Fiebelman
The Heart Vs. The Mind in a Fight to the Finish

May 2008

Kris Chau
Talk Story
June 2008

Seth Armstrong
Where So Ever You May Go
September 2008

Raylene Gorum:
Volume Too
October 2008

The Cabinet II
Anna M. Simson, Patrick Rowe & Samantha Lautman
November 2008

RoMoLoCo Group Show II
Holiday Group Show
December 2008

Deth P. Sun
This Too Shall Pass
January 2009

Derek Weisberg
OLAM HABA: The World To Come
February 2009

Hannah Henry
Small Ruins: A show of Photographs
April 2009

Alena Rudolph
Death of a Dream – The Magnificent Failure of our Forefathers
May 2009

Steven Barich
The Logic Stone and other new work
June 2009

Carl Auge
July 2009

Michele Ramirez 
New Works on Paper
September 2009

Sunaura Taylor
October 2009

Double Exposure (two)

Balanced Roles. Group show
December 2009

Julia Shirar
Wrath Is Come
January 2010

Ryohei Tanaka
Rockin’ Papers, Swingin’ Scissors
March 2010

Jason Byers
nowhere in between
April 2010

Alexander Cheves
June 2010

Michael Louis Young
Everything Is Everything
July 2010

Todd Lanam
My Time Has A Shape
September 2010

Kris Chau & Ako Castuera
Don’t Be Alarmed
October 2010

Crystal Morey
March Into The Sea
January 2011

Rob Sato
Blowing The Hatch
April 2011