Artist: John Casey

out of print

Oakland-based artist John Casey has described his work as “self-portraits that express his inner psyche”. His drawings reveal confused and tormented souls that find their head or limbs are deformed manifestations. The bold but limited use of color, and often delicate line-work, lends a melancholy beauty to the figurative monstrosities.

John Casey worked closely with us to create Scarecrow, a book project that showcases his unique approach toward fantastic and grotesque illustration. His work combines realistic human forms with aspects of the fantastic, producing figures that are both familiar and otherworldly. This book features over 60 of Casey’s drawings, printed in his own  signature red and black style.

I see it all

Artist: Deth P. Sun

out of print

In I See It All, artist and illustrator Deth P. Sun took on the task to faithfully reproduce one completed sketchbook.

Featuring hundreds of  drawings–food sketches, landscapes, and handmade typography – I See It All is emblematic of Deth P. Sun’s passion for drawing, and upon the pages reveals a remarkable evolution of his intuitive process.

killer cuts & killing shapes

Artist: Ryohei Tanaka

out of print

Tokyo-based visual artist Ryohei Tanaka has taken the simple art of folding a piece of paper and cutting it with scissors and ushered it into new realms of intricacy and imagination. 64 pages with hundreds of bold and clever cuts that will have you straining your eyes and scratching your head. Ryohei’s limitless patience for the craft is matched only by his creativity.

“I wish you find this special book cute, cool, pop, neat, rock, and fun.” – Ryohei Tanaka

junk pirate volume one

Artist: Pete Glover

out of print

The first in our series of self-published works, Junk Pirate Volume One offers a compilation of the very best of the first twelve issues of the Junk Pirate ‘zine created by Rowan Morrison founder Pete Glover.

Junk Pirate Volume One contains all the ironic, humorous, nostalgic, strange, touching, and frightening images and personal ephemera that one can expect from Junk Pirate. Plus, bonus images and tidbits never before seen by even the most hardcore found-image hounds.